Athlete Harris

Certified Sports Nutritionist - CISSN

      My name is Dylan Harris and I I am a fitness junkie! I was raised in the small town of new Madrid, Missouri. All of my life I have been into sports and fitness. At no point have I ever had to have my arm pulled to be active. I love it! After graduating from New Madrid County Central High School, I received a full ride scholarship to play baseball at Mineral Area College in Park Hills, Missouri. It was there that I begin to dive into the specifics of performance enhancement and nutrition. I became so obsessed about my own training goals and the learning experience, that my heart was no longer on the diamond, so I hung up my cleats after two years.

     From there, I went on to receive my bachelor degree in Exercise and Movement Science from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. I later graduated with a Master’s degree in Science in Health and Human Performance from Pittsburgh State University. I am the owner and trainer of FitStatus Personal Training, in which I work one-on-one with clients at anytime fitness as well as work with a variety of populations online. For more info on my training, please see the website link below. I enjoy competing in CrossFit, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. In my free time I like to spend it with my wife, Brittany! Feel free to follow me on social media.

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Zeke Scott

zeke scott
     Zeke is a health coach in certified personal trainer. He has great passion for helping clients to exceed their goals. He helps clients to set and achieve goals that are; specific, measurable, achievable, relative in time to the clients wants and needs. His persistency has generated a high rate of success outcomes.
      Zeke is co owner and trainer, along with his two brothers Shaun and Derik at Scott Health and Fitness. Zeke has competed at many athletic disciplines including the NPC Men's Physique division, high school football/ baseball, Shamrock FC mixed martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics, powerlifting, and was featured in the Rawlings 2014 baseball catalog.
Zeke's strengths include: Exercise planning, Nutrition education, Stress management, Goal setting, Whole body wellness 
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Andrew jones





Kyle M. Seibert

A.A.S. Physical Education NASM CPT & CES OCB Pro Bodybuilder  NGA Pro Classic Physique 

“Letting go of what has already happened, is how we actually get to enjoy the rest of our lives”  “Continuity is the key to building a worthy physique”  -Frank Zane  Favorite Verse - Romans 12:7-8